15+ Examples Of Websites Using Testimonials – Is This Technique Still Working?

Websites using testimonials is not a rare sight and this comes with a good reason. Testimonials can be a quite powerful tool in online marketing.

If put into use the right way, testimonials can help build credibility, alleviate uneasiness or concerns with your product or brand and convert visitors to customers. Sadly, the power of testimonials has attracted the attention from all kinds of online marketers and it has become easy to manipulate testimonials.

Adding real-life client testimonials into your product pages can be a very effective way of establishing trust and strengthening the reputation of your company with its clients. When it comes to online shopping, people are generally more skeptical. They are afraid of losing money or getting a pig in a poke. So, how do you make your testimonials stand out and radiate credibility?

The answer to that is “real people telling real stories about real-life experiences with your services or products.” You want to use testimonials with customers speaking in their own words. Find ways to make it reliable and show that this i real people! This will make the testimonials very powerful. This way you can show customers the real value of your products and/or services.

Traditionally, the testimonial page design, structure and layout consists of clients reviews that are arranged in a list, which is unattractive and redundant to readers. I am not saying that you should not use a list format in your testimonials page design. Adding them anywhere in your site would be better than not having any. However, a testimonials page can have more value to your online strategy if you will go out of traditional format and use a tailored approach. So, will customer testimonials still work well in online marketing? I would definitely say yes!

Below is a list of some great testimonials page design examples that I have compiled for your inspiration. If you have a testimonials page design that you think should be added in my list, please do not hesitate to share it with us through the comment section below. You are also free to share my testimonials page design collection with your friends.

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