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Traditional websites are multi websites and make use of one or more pages to hold content for a specific topic. Navigation menus on the homepage point to several pages in the website and there page reload when users navigate. However, trends for website layouts are constantly changing and new ways to make unique designs are invented.

One of the recent unique trends in website layout to look out for is one page websites. You might ask “why a single page?”, well these websites literally has a single page for all their content. The designer simply placed all the content into a single page and use design elements like background color/images, to separate sections. Navigation menus point to specific part of the page instead of going to other pages and typically a cool scrolling effect is added. One page web design is inparticular popular for creative portfolio websites

If you want to have this layout for your website, you might have a look at WordPress themes with one page layouts. The Barbershop WordPress portfolio theme is a cool example of this and I though it was worth to check out. It comes with with a clean, unique retro/vintage design and it is is packed with great custom post types and theme options to configure the website to your needs and show off your work, services or projects online. The theme may of course be used for Barbershops but actually it is a general one page portfolio themes that fit creative freelancers and agencies well. The responsive development displays perfect on any tablet and mobile device and is easy to edit and maintain. The theme’s homepage has a clean design and uses a lot white spaces to make the design minimalistic. At first glance, it looks pretty much like an ordinary layout of a website but clicking on one of the menu items would reveal its truly unique design.  The top part of the page includes the menu, a full width slider, welcome and callout text and some image/content boxes.


Freelancers and creative companies would benefit from the built in testimonials slider and Photoboth feature of this theme. They are implemented as custom types and therefore easy to manage in the admin area. Here is a list of all the custom types included in this themes.

  • Photobooth/Gallery/Portfolio (Custom Post Type)
  • Feature Content Slider (Custom Post Type)
  • Testimonials (Custom Post Type)
  • Services (Custom Post Type)
  • The Team (Custom Post Type)


The blog’s recent posts are also included in the homepage. Featured images of each post are shown as well as the date of posting and a link button to the post. Not all single page themes comes with extra page templates e.g. for blog posts and this makes Barbershop different. The blog post design is simple yet important for a website where a blog is needed or where it may be added in the future.


The contact form can be seen at the bottom part of this one-page theme. It features some text for address and other contact details, a contact form and an integrated map the store’s location.


Links can be included in the footer. The barbershop delved into detail and even integrated some social media icons.


Change is the only constant thing in the world and so it is in terms of web design and development. New ideas in layout like One Page and Metro Designs are being made to improve user experience and management of content. The Barbershop is no exception to this and it is a highly recommended theme for those seeking to have a distinct design for their website. You can check out all the features of this theme here.

Hi I am Mike! I am a web developer with a creative mindset and I love to play with WordPress and share my experience, tips and tricks with others. Follow me here on ThemeCrunch and keep yourself up to date on important WordPress stuff ;)

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