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With the introduction of shortcodes in WordPress 2.5 the developers of one of the most popular publishing platforms gave web developers and designers a really powerful tool. Shotcodes are simple text snippets consisting of a name and some parameters that WordPress process during page rendering. The output from a shortcode can be anything from simple buttons, images, youtube videos to highly sophisticated content sliders. Possibilities are almost endless. Most plugins today support shortcodes and this way users can add the plugin output into the content of posts and pages anywhere they like.

There are also plugins available that focus on delivering shortcode functionality only. Shortcode plugins often contain a large arsenal of cool outputs available via shortcodes and they may help you define your own shortcodes easily. When it comes to managing content and making webmasters life simpler, this can be a really smart feature. Every time you repeat a piece of content on multiple pages, you can benefit from defining a shortcode and add it this way. First, you will have one place to edit the content instead of going to every page or post where you added the repeating content. Secondly, it will be a lot faster to add to new post or pages and with the use of parameters you can even make the shortcode smart and make variations.

Shortcoder is a free WordPress shortcode framework plugin that helps you define your own shortcodes in a minute. The Shortcoder supports html and javascript contents, like ads, maps, iframes, HTML contents and more. Lets have a closer look at how Shortcoder works.


In the Settings tab in the dashboard, you will see the Shortcoder Link that will lead you to its admin area. Creating a shortcode is really easy and requires only simple steps. First, type the name of your shortcode in the name area. Then input the content of your shortcode in the content area. Finally click the create shorcode button. Then, in the post or page admin area, you’ll see the Shortcoder Icon.


The most powerful functions of the Shortcoder is by using the parameters. Parameters are like variables in which you can define at the content of your shortcodes. With the use of parameters, the user can vary some of the contents but still use the same shortcode. To illustrate:


As you can see, the supposed youtube id in the url or src (ex. etmCR_K33sQ ) is changed with a character named %%id%%. The %%id%% will serve as the parameter.


As you can see, by using parameters, you can reuse the same shortcode and then vary the parameter. In this particular example, this enables you to display different videos on your web pages by supplying different youtube ids. Let us just say you have 40 videos on your website and google change the code needed to embed their videos. Imagine the work required if you have to go into each page and fix the embed code. With a shortcode you change it once!

For more advanced content, you can create multiple parameters. Creating and managing your content just got a lot easier and efficient. This is one cool plugin to have.

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