Origin – A Unique, Grid Based Theme

This is a review of Origin, a really cool and unique WordPress portfolio theme. It is available as part of ElegantThemes theme club where you can get access to more than 80 attractive themes for half the price of most premium WordPress themes.

Creative and skilled web designers always find new ways to make their designs innovative, unique and user friendly. Web design today now is thousands of miles away from how it used to be in the past. In just a few years, we have evolved from static text oriented HTML pages to highly interactive websites and applications using CSS and JavaScript. Web design have been constantly moving the line for what is possible to cope the user’s needs. Currently, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery dominate the scene and websites are created using easy to use publishing platforms such as WordPress. Today, most of the new WordPress themes are mobile friendly and make use of responsive layouts.

A great example of how recent web technology and design trends can be made available and used to style a website with a few clicks on the mouse is Origin. Origin is a very unique type of WordPress portfolio theme that make use of a grid based layout to showcase media content. The theme fills visitors screen with images in a nice responsive grid. Origin is ideal for building an online portfolio for artists, photographers and photo-bloggers, but could also be for great creative freelancers who want to show off skills and work. It has an extensive documentation and support for shortcodes. Check out the many features in this theme right here.

The homepage design is grid based and allow you to show iff a lot of pictures in a gallery or portfolio layout On mouse hover the images change to show the title and description of the post. Menu and sidebar items are located to the right.


The theme is fully responsive and has a nice layout when used in a mobile device. The menu section is changed into a select drop down box when browsed thru a smaller screen size. This is a nifty feature for people that are always on the go.


You can choose from an unlimited color options built within the theme to make your website perfectly match your brand and logo colors.



Choose from an unlimited number of colors from the color palette of WordPress.

Origin includes a vast amount of page templates to help you start building a uniqie website. ElegantThemes have included page templates for sitemap, advanced search, member login, an image gallery, portfolio, blog page and a contact page.

I personally like how the blog page is setup. The articles are displayed in a nice layout with a featured image and an excerpt for each. I looked further into the blog page by viewing it via a mobile device and it looks awesome as well. You could quickly move in to the different articles and also navigate to the different parts of the website as the menus are still intact as a select box.


Blog page in desktop view.


Mobile version of the blog section.


Another cool and unique feature is Ajax Infinite Scroll. Instead of having to click through various pages of posts, your most recent posts are loaded automatically as your scroll down the page. These posts are loaded using Ajax, which means you don’t have to re-load your browser to receive the new content. This is a truly cool way to explore a grid of photos.


Origin is a great fresh premium add on from Elegant themes. It has all the bells and whistles for a fully featured portfolio website. The design aspect of the theme is top notch and you won’t regret building your photography site or online portfolio. Time to check out the live demo of the website – it is found right here.

Hi I am Mike! I am a web developer with a creative mindset and I love to play with WordPress and share my experience, tips and tricks with others. Follow me here on ThemeCrunch and keep yourself up to date on important WordPress stuff ;)

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