45 Beautiful Health Websites For Inspiration

Health websites experience a overwhelming popularity at present and for a good reason. According to an ancient saying, health is man’s greatest wealth. Truly, if an individual has a failing health, he could not have a soft-sailing life.

In this modern times, it is very easy to look for the information you want regarding health and wellness. There are hundreds of health websites you can instantly access online. Based on the latest research, eight out of ten internet users have searched for health information on the web due to the fact that their healthcare needs are not being sufficiently addressed by increasingly busy physicians.

This trend has led to a huge number of health websites and the competition is quite hard if you want to have a growing audience for your health related content. It is always a good idea to research established and successful websites for inspiration. This way you can get  valuable information about the design and features that makes a website popular.

Below are 45 of the most reliable and trustworthy health websites that you can use as your source of inspiration. Please give us some feedback and leave us a comment below.



WebMD is one of the most popular sites that provides incredible health information. It provides very informative blogs on disorders, diseases, supplements, drugs, exercises, diets, and many more. It is considered as the complete source for the right information regarding symptoms, treatments and drugs. What’s good with WebMD is that its articles are simplified for the benefit of lay readers.

MedicineNet – MORE INFO


Medicine Net is one of the best health websites in the World Wide Web. It gives complete and exclusive details regarding various sicknesses, drugs, treatments and other important health information.

MayoClinic – MORE INFO


Whether you are a patient, a researcher, a student or a medical provider, MayoClinic has very important information for everyone. Its web page provides articles about numerous kinds of disorders and diseases.



With NIH, internet users can update themselves with health details from reliable and trusted US doctors and various professional healthcare provider. What’s fascinating with this site is that there is a special section dedicated to provide the complete list of health centers in the country.

Yahoo Health – MORE INFO


Yahoo Health is a great health website that provides the various awareness regarding current health issues. It has wide portions for searching varied diseases, exercise programs, symptoms of disorders, and other related topics.



BBC Health is a health website loaded with various information regarding health and fitness. It is complete of health topics from skin issues to heart disorders. What’s great with BBC Health is that there are committed health support available whenever the internet user needs one.



CNN Health is one of those best medical websites that offers details regarding health and other related topics. This website gives health blogs in a very categorized way where the advanced alphabetical search choice makes the searching a lot easier.

Discovery Health – MORE INFO


Discovery Health is an all complete health website. You can learn about various diseases, the basic information regarding the human body, mental health, drugs and medicines, pregnancy and sexual health. But aside from these, it also tackles topics about love and relationship, parenting and skin care.

EverydayHealth – MORE INFO


EverydayHealth is another complete health website where you can find almost everything you can ask for a health care provider. It has categorized sections for disorders, medicines, symptoms diets, and more.

Natural News – MORE INFO


Natural News is a wide resource for videos and articles tackling health and other related topics. It also gives the most recent developments in the field of medicine. On top of these all, it has a section wherein they can find articles about diet that provides particular food to eat.

HealthGrades – MORE INFO


HealthGrades is one of those best medical websites where you can search for particular doctors, hospitals and health care centers. This is considered as a wide online directory of doctors and hospitals across the country.

Psychology Today – MORE INFO


Psychology Today is a great online provider of articles regarding psychological topics. You can learn some of the latest psychological conditions and treatment developing around the globe. It also has sections where you can search for available therapists and hospitals near you.



CDC is one of the most respectable healthcare websites that provide information about diseases, treatments, medicines and cures. Internet users can easily find any topic they want because of the huge pool of resources available under its search options.



NHS is another complete health website that covers topics related to health. What’s good with this site is that it is very categorized from various diseases to diet recommendations. It also provides lists of doctors and hospitals across the United Kingdom.

MedScape – MORE INFO


MedScape is a health site that features the most current news and updates from the vast field of medicine. But aside from that, you can see at the left section of the home page a list of categories with updated articles tackling the said field.



MedHelp is one of the top healthiest related websites that provide health information with innovative touches. It also has a page where you can talk and get an appointment with the best health expert in the world.

Health Boards – MORE INFO


Health Boards is a unique forum that provides a discussion about various health topics. Internet users can join the discussion and ask their health-related questions and concerns. Now, this site has over half a million members around the world.



WHO is known for being the authority when I comes to health issues. WHO, the website, plays the same role in the World Wide Web. It has a vast pool of health information, with updated and recent health from around the globe.

Self.com – MORE INFO


Self.com is a health website considered as an online health magazine for women. It is complete with informative articles about health and fitness that can help women around the globe. It has vast selections of tips and techniques flavored with the latest health news and issues.

KidsHealth – MORE INFO


KidsHealth is a health website dedicated for kids and teens.Well, it’s actually for parents’ reading. They can find the most helpful health topics for their children such as treatments for various diseases and healthy recipes.

Health.com – MORE INFO


Health.com is health site complete with topics regarding exercise techniques, recipes, diet, beauty tips, diseases, news, and other health-related issues. This is the site where you can find both the prevention tips from one disease to the most effective treatments.



FDA website works effectively just like its live counterpart. It is the official website of the Food and Drug Administration of the US government. It has articles tackling issues ranging from food safety to animal health topics.

HealthCentral – MORE INFO


Health Central is the closest to a true center of health information which you can get. It covers vast topics on health diseases and treatments. Its articles are always fresh updated. It also has categorized list of different health issues.



RealAge is a health websites with truly amazing insights about human health. It also has very helpful action plans to whatever sickness a patient has. This website is great online help for all people whatever disease they have.

Net Doctor – MORE INFO


Net Doctor is considered as a one stop corner for all the health questionsyou have in your mind. It also has a wide range article section covering the most recent issues regarding diseases, health examinations, medicines, medical information and more.

Prevention – MORE INFO


Prevention, as its name suggests, is a health website dedicated to provide topics about preventing certain sicknesses and diseases. But aside from preventions, it also has sections dedicated for the various types of diseases to be prevented.

Fitness Magazine – MORE INFO


Fitness Magazine is an online health journal that provides articles about health, fitness, diet schedules, and more. There is a special section where you can register and track your own health condition.



RxList is a health website considered as an online drug index where people can find and verify medicines. There are helpful choices in which you can find the right drug: you can look for them by name or you can type the disease and this website will suggest a number of medicines.



eMedTV is a health website considered as a health information portal. You can view several articles on various health conditions, diseases and treatments. Its pages are very helpful as the items are all categorized.



BMJ is health group that has been providing care for more than 150 years now. Its website gives high standard health information that will help readers to learn more about their conditions and the possible treatments for potential illnesses.

QualityHealth – MORE INFO


Quality Health is a health site with more than 40 health topics, 7 medical services options, online health centers, and alphabetized drug index. It also provides the freshest health news around the globe.

Earth Clinic – MORE INFO


Earth Clinic is one of those best health website that offers treatments for various illnesses. What’s fascinating about this site is that its articles are regularly contributed by medical experts.



HHS is a health website that can help both the patients and the health care provider. It gives platform where anyone can search for the nearest hospitals in the US. It also has sections that can provide the right information about the eligible health insurance possible.

Health Guru – MORE INFO


Health Guru is a health site that can provide the widest source for various medical topics. It covers topics from different kinds of diseases to the possible care for them. Its articles are also very categorized for easy reading.

Cure Zone – MORE INFO


Cure Zone is a health site which is more focused on educating the readers rather than just medicating. It has a wide array of health information which is related to various conditions and diseases.

Patient – MORE INFO


Patient is a health care-related website which is dedicated to providing useful health information. It can give a wide range of articles, forums, and various health descriptions. This website has also a special page for patients who can make accounts which enables their health questions be answered by professionals.

ClevelandClinic – MORE INFO


ClevelandClinic is not only for Cleveland but for the whole world, as its content is concerned. It gives online services for both the doctors and the patients. But first and foremost, if you are from Cleveland, you are lucky to have this site because you can have immediate appointments with doctors across the county.

Wellness.com – MORE INFO


Wellness is indeed an online health-centric domain that provides a wide range of wellness tips and techniques. But aside from the helpful articles, it also provides lists of hospitals, pharmacies, health stores and health care centers.

HealthLine – MORE INFO


The hotline is a health website that lets people learn information about various health related topics. You can find health topics from various symptoms to possible treatments, from varied diseases to helpful medicines.

WellSphere – MORE INFO


A whisper is a health website that providesconsiderable and educative information about the vast field of medicine. It also caters lists of hospitals, health centers and stores across US.

CarePages – MORE INFO


CarePages is committed to provide articles regarding health and diseases. It gives a wide range of health information to patients and let them enter into various discussions about varied health issues.

LocalHealth – MORE INFO


If you are looking for a health site that can give you information about symptoms, medicines and treatments of numerous illnesses, LocalHealth is the right page for you. It also has a forum where people can ask and clarify some health issues.

BioMed Central – MORE INFO


BioMed Central is health website that provides articles pertaining to various medical issues and current development from scattered medical communities around the globe. In addition to this, BioMed also caters various journals in the field of biology, genomics and medicine.

FamilyDoctor – MORE INFO


FamilyDoctor works like a true family doctor who provides health advices, in this case, online. It has articles dedicated to family care and parenting tips. There are also sections for complete drug information and health care insurance.

BetterMedicine – MORE INFO


BetterMedicine is a health website that lets the internet users to check symptoms, find the right medicine, get exercise tips. It also has a forum where they can discuss certain health issues.

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