40+ Cool WordPress ShortCode Plugins

One of the reasons for the success WordPress has experienced is the great flexibility and extenability it offers. This has invited many talented developers to create amazing plugins and themes for that matter that add all kinds of cool features to WordPress with a click on a button.

WordPress shortcode plugins falls into this category and belongs to a type of plugins that provide website owners with the ability to insert functionality into posts, pages etc. using small codes snippets. In additions I have noticed that some of the better shortcode plugins even have an interface to make it faster and simpler to insert shortcodes as part of hte content production process.

With shortcode plugins webmasters can do a lot of cool stuff without need for coding. Besides shortcodes it is also possible to use the widget system and it is just as powerful. With widget plugins you can add content and functions into sidebars and use drag and drop to move it around. Many plugins both support the WordPress shorcode and widget systems and if you choose one of these you get the optimal flexibility. .

This is a great collection of some of the best WordPress shortcode plugins you can use to take full control of the layout and content in your pages and posts. Please leave a comment for me and share the post on social media!



TextBin is the plugin to fill the void! TextBin allows you to manage all these situations with ease and even allows you to use the full WordPress text editor. Go on and add links, photos, html, the works!

Vision – WordPress Shortcodes Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


Vision is a Premium WordPress Plugin that enables you to add a Powerful set of Shortcodes to any WordPress Theme. Once installed, a new button will be added directly to your WordPress Content Editor. Simply point-and-click your way to amazingly powerful shortcodes.

Shortcoder – MORE INFO


Shortcoder is a plugin which allows to create a custom shortcode and store HTML, Javascript and other snippets in it. So if that shortcode is used in any post or pages, then the code stored in the shortcode get exceuted in that place.

EasyVideo – Responsive Video Embeds / Shortcodes – MORE INFO / DEMO


This plugin lets you embed and show videos anywhere on your blog without writing markup – via shortcode buttons. Very easy! And saves you tons of time! Plus, the video content is fully-responsive!

Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO

Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin

Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool for building custom content pages aided with innovative visual composer. It comes equipped with many commonly used widgets that can be laid out via interactive drag&drop interface. Ether Builder can use 3rd party widgets as well as custom crafted ones. Ether Builder is actively developed by Por Design and gets regular updates and bug fixes. No coding knowledge is required and it’s a must have brag for any serious content publisher that works with WordPress.

Shortcodes Ultimate – MORE INFO


With this plugin you can easily create buttons, boxes, different sliders and much, much more.

jCountdown Mega Package for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

jCountdown Mega Package for WordPress

jCountdown Mega Package for WordPress is a highly customizable plugin, you can easily to create / load shortcodes in admin panel, and add Countdowns in your Post, Page and Sidebar with Shortcodes.

Styles With Shortcodes For WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

Styles With Shortcodes For WordPress

Styles with Shortcodes is the solution for this problem. This plugin lets you customize content faster and easier than ever before by using Shortcodes. Choose from 100 built in Shortcodes like; jQuery Accordion, Tabs and Toogle, Tooltips, Column Shortcodes, Gallery and Image Shortcodes, Button Styles, Alert Box Styles, Pull quotes, Block quotes, Twitter buttons, Retweet button, Facebook Like, Follow me on Twitter buttons, LinkedIn, Google +1, Flatter  and many more!

Shortcodes Pro – MORE INFO / DEMO


Shortcodes Pro allows quick and easy creation of WordPress shortcodes and TinyMCE rich editor buttons from the comfort of the WordPress interface.

Drag And Drop Builder Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO

Drag And Drop Builder Plugin

The Elegant Themes Builder is a plugin that provides some incredible tools for structuring the content on your page. The plugin creates a visual drag-and-drop canvas where you can add, arrange and re-size advanced elements on your page. This builder appears below the normal text editor when you create a post or page, creating a unique canvas for each. The builder allows to you quickly create columns, sliders, tabs, buttons, toggles, boxes and so much more.

J Shortcodes – MORE INFO / DEMO


J Shortcodes allows you to add custom buttons, content boxes, tabs and accordion panels, build call to action and information boxes. You can choose color, size and shape for any of these elements.

Shortcode Domination – CSS3 Graphics for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

Shortcode Domination - CSS3 Graphics for WordPress

Shortcode Domination is a premium WordPress plugin, which adds professionally designed graphics to your blog posts via shortcode.

Shortcode Developer – MORE INFO

Shortcode Developer

The Shortcode Developer plugin provides a user friendly interface for creating custom shortcodes. Each shortcode consists of a name, a list of attributes (with names and default values) and the PHP code executed to return the html back to the shortcode placeholder.

Shortcode Manager – MORE INFO


The Shortcode Manager plugin provides a clean, simple interface for managing shortcodes. It even includes an import / export feature for painless migration!

FX Elements | WordPress Animated Shortcodes – MORE INFO / DEMO

FX Elements - WordPress Animated Shortcodes

FX Elements is a WordPress Plugin with an easy to use interface manager to add shortcodes to your website. FX Elements lets you customize content by adding animated elements as buttons, boxes, alert message, icons, etc. Each one of this elements has an smooth transition of color, opacity, size or position ( depending the shortcode ) between the initial status and the “mouse over status”.

Display Posts Shortcode – MORE INFO

Display Posts Shortcode

The Display Posts Shortcode was written to allow users to easily display listings of posts without knowing PHP or editing template files.

Shortcode Exec PHP – MORE INFO / DEMO


Using this plugin you can execute arbitrary PHP code using shortcodes in your posts, pages, comments, widgets and RSS feeds, just like manually defined shortcodes. The shortcodes and associated PHP code are defined using the settings of this plugin. It is possible to parse and use shortcode parameters and to use shortcode content. Defined shortcodes can be deleted and disabled.

Content Builder – MORE INFO / DEMO

Content Builder

Content Builder is a WordPress Plugin which gives you the freedom to create any page layout that you can imagine, and it is simple as drag & drop. Plugin will improve your website functionality and save your time with content managing.

FX Image Shortcode – MORE INFO / DEMO

FX Image Shortcode

The WordPress plugin FX Image shortcode gives to users the option to stylize his images with different styles and options at any WordPress theme. As a shortcode, gives the easiest way to mix those styles at the same gallery or page, bringing you better control of overall design. Also, you may use the images to link any page or post inside your website, or use it to link an external page.

WordPress Shortcodes – MORE INFO

WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes is a free WordPress plugin that brings an amazing set of beautiful and useful elements to your site. The plugin comes bundled with the full set of elements, all absolutely free of charge.

Arconix Shortcodes – MORE INFO

Arconix Shortcodes

With this plugin you can easily add various kinds of styled boxes, buttons, tabs, accordions, unordered lists and more. Choose from the supplied options or advanced users can easily add their own by extending the built-in styles.

All-In-One Shortcodes – MORE INFO / DEMO

All-In-One Shortcodes

WordPress All-In-One Shortcodes plugin allows you to add endless amount of easy-to-use shortcodes combinations of to ANY WordPress theme and customize the appearance of your content in seconds. Almost each shortcode comes loaded with practically unlimited colors, size and icon combinations.

ZillaShortcodes – MORE INFO


The ZillaShortcode plugin includes a bunch of popular shortcodes, you can include columns, buttons, toggles, alerts and tabs with the click of a button.

Html To Pdf On Fly For WP And Shortcode Style – MORE INFO

Html To Pdf On Fly For WP And Shortcode Style

With this plug-in for wordpress you can create PDFs from HTML code on fly and save them in a specific folder of your blog. For example, you can create an invoice with this script and archive it.

Lorem Shortcode – MORE INFO

Lorem Shortcode

The plugin contains two shortcodes, [lorem] and [loremimage], the [loremimage]shortcode can be nested in the [lorem] shortcode. The shortcodes generates dummy text and image when needed.

DW Shortcodes Bootstrap – MORE INFO

DW Shortcodes Bootstrap

DW Shortcodes Bootstrap allow quick and easy implementation of WordPress shortcodes by the rich-editor for TinyMCE coming along with responsive feature and the sleek twitter bootstrap style.

Snippets WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO

Snippets WordPress Plugin

Sometimes when creating a site, the same information needs to appear in multiple places, duplicating that content is not a good idea. It’s far better to have it in one place. That’s what the Snippets WordPress Plugin allows you to do. You can even include snippets in your theme with an in-built function.

SoundCloud Shortcode – MORE INFO

SoundCloud Shortcode

The SoundCloud Shortcode plugin allows you to easily integrate a player widget for a track, set or group from SoundCloud into your WordPress Blog by using a WordPress shortcode.

EZ Staff Display And Management – MORE INFO / DEMO

EZ Staff Display And Management

Using just a simple shortcode and a powerful admin options panel, you can easily add, modify and display your lovely staff members on your WP site.

jNewsticker for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

jNewsticker for WordPress

jNewsticker for WordPress brings the power of jNewsticker to your WordPress website.

ShortCodes UI – MORE INFO

ShortCodes UI

This Plugin adds an admin UI for creating shortcodes without the need to code, edit code, or even know code.

Child Pages Shortcode – MORE INFO

Child Pages Shortcode

You can use shortcode for display child pages from the page.

Simple Vimeo Shortcode – MORE INFO

Simple Vimeo Shortcode

A simple shortcode to add your Vimeo videos into your website! This plugin will enable you to use shortcodes to insert your videos from Vimeo. It also allows height, width and class attributes for further customization! Websites are always affordable from.

wpDataTables – Easy tables In WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

wpDataTables - Easy tables In WordPress

wpDataTables 1.0 is a plugin, based on a phpDataTables module, and is designed to make table process of data representation quick, easy and effective. Now to insert big interactive multi-functional tables in your WordPress site you don’t need to write a single line of code, or HTML markup – wpDataTables allow you to quickly build and render interactive tables with such features as sorting, or saving to PDF from almost any possible data source: MySQL query, CSV files, Excel files, serialized PHP arrays, XML and JSON data sources.

Tabbed Content Shortcode – MORE INFO / DEMO

Tabbed Content Shortcode

A clean, easy to integrate, reusable tabbed content area for your WordPress themes!

Last Updated Shortcode – MORE INFO

Last Updated Shortcode

Creates the [last updated] shortcode to display the date and/or time of the last update to a post or page. If used without any arguments, it will display the date in the format configured in the Settings > General tab. It supports several optional arguments: format, before, and after. These options allow you to change how the date/time is formatted and if anything should appear before or after the date/time is displayed.

Team Members Shortcode Plugin – MORE INFO

Team Members Shortcode Plugin

A plugin for displaying your team members using a shortcode.

Custom Editor Buttons – MORE INFO

Custom Editor Buttons

Custom Editor Buttons is a WordPress Plugin script designed to allow you to add new buttons to the default WYSWIYG editor in WordPress, giving you access to quickly add commonly used text, html or characters that might otherwise be cumbersome or time consuming to insert.

The Countdown Pro – MORE INFO / DEMO

The Countdown Pro

The countdown functionality can easily be added to a content or sidebar area and let your users know the counts. With counting down and up functionality, gives you a full control to your counter. This plugin comes with shortcode generator and a multi-instances sidebar widget, packed with bunch of options. All styles and scripts area pulled in the header section. Every each counter have their own selector that enables you to create specific style or script to the selector.

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